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『講師より(from Aina)』


1、Tell me about yourself
Hello everyone! I am teacher Aina. I am twenty three years old. I graduated in Holy Angel University and my major is Hotel and Restaurant Management. I am currently teaching speaking, vocabulary and writing. I am an optimistic person, flexible to work and funny. I like watching movies and chatting with my friends. I used to be a manager in a fast food company, so I know how to handle students demand. I had a lot of experience teaching English with Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese students. I handled beginner and advance students. I have been an educator for more than a year and I am always learning and growing with my profession. I love teaching and I especially love teaching the students at our school. During my college life, I was doing some debate with my classmates. I was not good at debating, and had very hard time, but it made me think everything logically and I could learn how to make an effective speech in front of audiences using English.

2、Educational goal for your students
My goal is to give each student the positive encouragement necessary to express themselves throughout many aspects of English. Life as a teacher offers you all the opportunities, training, support, and rewards you need to develop and build a stimulating and successful career. I believe that learning should be an exciting and enjoyable process.

3、Your teaching strategies
My teaching strategies are: First, Humor in the classroom. Using humor in the classroom can enhance student learning by improving understanding and retention.
Second, Discussion Strategies. Engaging students in 討論 deepens their learning and motivation by propelling them to develop their own views and hear their own voices. A good environment for interaction is the first step in encouraging students to talk.
Lastly, Lecture Strategies. Lectures are the way most instructions today learned in classes. However, with today’s students, lecturing does not hold their attention for very long, even though they are a means of conveying information to students.


– Aina講師、克拉克地区CIPより –


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