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My name is Brendan McCarthy, I’m 29 years old and I’m from Las Vegas Nevada.
My father Michael McCarthy was a member of the us army and served in Taiwan as a cryptographer for 4 years, upon leaving the army he got a job at NASA working on the Apollo project. After many years working for the government my father got a job at HP brothers who are engineers working for Microsoft and General electric.


I graduated from high school and went straight in to college in California for 2 years before transferring to St Edwards University in Austin Texas. I majored in political science with a specialty in international relations. This is where i got my first teaching experience, I as my international relations professor’s teaching assistant. I spent. My time working for her, helping Her pronunciation, fact checking and doing research for her book on American and Japanese relations.


After St. Edwards I interned at JP Morgan bank where I ended working for 2 years. For the next couple years I spent my time working for banks. After a few years I contacted my old professor and she recommended me to her old Professor in Japan who was working at a Japanese American think tank. After a few years I got a job working for USA-AID in 2008 in Manila. 3 years later I decided to take time off, and give teaching a try.
in my group classes I believe its. Important to get my students used to speaking English, I spend time asking questions, correcting their pronunciation, suggesting different vocabulary, and having them ask questions to other students.


– Brendan McCarthy講師、克拉克地區CIP –


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