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【Cebu 宿霧】台灣學生遊學心得分享@CIJ SPARTA

☆ 菲律賓就讀經驗分享 ☆

遊學都市 Cebu 宿霧
遊學期間 2017年9月29日
就讀課程 SPARTA 5

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Hello~My name is Connie,
I am sharing about my first half of the month to study English of experience and life.

First of all, when I first arrived in Cebu, I felt very fresh like to come to travel. On the way to school.I saw the scenery of Cebu all the way. On the way to school, I saw the local scenery of Cebu and the house and people on the road. I was thinking about it at the time “Wow! It’s really likes Taiwan 20 years ago”, because here is really backward country.

Second, I came to the CIJ SPARTA school on the first day of school and my classmate greeted me very enthusiasm and asked a few question to speak English. In fact, I can not underestand what is saying. I just only smile to my classmate.
Then, I saw that the ocean and school environment in front of the school is really beautiful. At the time, I saw really attracted by the scenery here.

Later, we went back to the dormitory and felt very emptiness, because the room was only me and my good friend. The dormitory is four person room, so we want not stayed here. However, we went out of the room and looked around.Then, we met a Taiwan people in here, she is very warm to invite us and took us to go window shopping in the department stores and supermarket opposite. I found this department stores very special. For example, workers are to follow the music singing and work at work that looks easy and comfortable.
In addiation, the locals will be very enthusiastic and will say hello and asked you ”
where are you from?”when was time, I thinking is very different Taiwan culture.

Third, CIJ SPARTA school new students will gather together to listen to the school officer to share the Philippine need note about things or life here and school all the regulations. Although the school has expanded the paper, but I cound not understand. Then I asked my firend, she also cat not understand. We feel our English level was really bad. However, we started the test of level test, we were test reading ,speaking, writing and grammar. I don’t know how to test, because I thought the test very difficult, so I had to guess test. By the way, our test score have been announced, my level only one. It’s very low. I feel my English have problems, because my English start zero.

Moreover, the officer gave our class schedule. The schedule total eight courses, are respectively three group courses and five man to man course. Every class time is fifty minutes, after class only five minutes. And my study time stay 12 weeks. I thought very long time. Most students stay 8 weeks or 12 weeks, but some students only stay 4 weeks or 2 weeks, I felt short times. I heard they are just experience the feeling of class here and experience Philippines culture and life.

After the end the officer took the students went out to exchange pesos and bought somethings. We were lucky enough to switch to a very high exchange rate that day. Then, I bought a hair and electric fan with my good friend because different of voltage in here. I think here electric appliance not cheap, similar to the price in Taiwan.
Finally, we went back to school. I felt bored. And I started looking forward to class.

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