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【Cebu 宿霧】台灣學生遊學心得分享@CIJ SPARTA (Part2)

☆ 菲律賓就讀經驗分享 ☆

遊學都市 Cebu 宿霧
遊學期間 2017年9月29日
就讀課程 SPARTA 5

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This article shares the feeling of school life in the second half of the first month.
First of all, I final started class. The date of the first day of class is October 2nd. We are have morning test at 6:30am. It is very hard and woke up early. In the morning the test about essential English words. So, we must be ready the day yesterday night. If your test didn’t pass over three times that your weekend can not go outside and you must be stay school on weekend. That’s why this make me very stressed.

Then, after the test, we can start eating breakfast. The breakfast is start from 7:30am to 8:30am. Then, I first time I taste breakfast I feel nothing special about breakfast, I thought only is okay to eat. After, we are going to the first lesson. When I was in my class, I didn’t understand my teacher what is the teacher talking about. I just only asked my teacher to write on the blackbord, and I used the translation of the phone tried to communication with teachers. Moreover, the teacher spoke simple words or wrote simple words and patient teacher me that makes felt great and happy. Although there is no special implore in the first week. It is still in a confused mind. And I was continuing taken classes likes this way.

In addiation, we also can have exams every night. The exam content a phrase. One hour before the test, we must for an hour. Such a day of exams and classes and self-
study that really tired. Let me start thinking about I want to back my home, because it’s too hard. Then, the last day of class on friday. My classmate invited to papa kits, the place can drink alcohol or order foods. This place is very good that students are relaxed. The papa kits also has band and singer, we were there to enjoy dancing and drinking. It’s a very happy Fridady night. By the way, consumption is really cheap here.

Next, I took a taxi fare much cheaper than Taiwan. I heared native Filpines can not afford to pay for taxi, they are just take jeepeny cars. I shocked me is that there are almost no traffic lights here, only traffic lights in big cities. Our school is very rural and remote. I haven’t seen the traffic lights near the school. We can only cross the road by traffic command or by ourselves. I think is really dangerous. So I can not adapt to the environment and food in here. Next, I will go to the nearby place on the first Sunday.

I found that there are very poor chirdren here who are begging you. If you not ignore children, they could grab your clothes and try to continue begging again. That things make me feel scared and doubt the law have problems in here. Furthermore, there is no train in Cebu, only a train in the city of Manila. Then, the air here is dirty and dust.
The weather is very dry and very hotter than Taiwan, which causes me to get hot and uncomforable. Finally, although learning English is very hard and it is very hard to adapt to the environment here. I think it is only first month of relationship that is so uncomfortable. I believe in myself and tell myself to stick to it and get good results.

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